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Referring your patient
Doctor's Desk

Referring your patient to us

Thank you for choosing to refer your patient to GlowDBT.

Before referring, please ensure that your patient is aware that we are a full fee paying practice and we do not bulk bill.

Acceptance requirements

Our team see clients for DBT from the age of 18 years old.

While DBT is effective for clients at risk of harm to themselves, The Glow Centre is a private practice and clients must be low to moderate risk.

If clients are at high risk, they must be engaged with or case managed by a psychiatrist or public mental health team, who can manage medications and arrange for crisis support/admissions when required.

If our DBT team feel that we are unable to accommodate your patient, we will contact you to advise.

To make a referral to us

Please prepare a referral letter for your patient.  The referral letter can be to a specific clinician or a general referral to The Glow Centre. Our DBT team will match your patient to a clinician based on several factors (patient needs and availability, clinician caseloads, etc.). 

A referral for mental health services should be in writing (signed and dated by the GP) and include:

  • patient's name, date of birth and address; 

  • the patient’s symptoms or diagnosis, including whether a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan has been completed for the patient;

  • a list of any current medications;

  • the number of sessions the patient is being referred for (the ‘course of treatment’);

  • a statement about whether the patient has a mental health treatment plan or a psychiatrist assessment and management plan.

Please ensure that you specify on your referral if you are referring for INDIVIDUAL THERAPY and/or GROUPS.  

Your patient can claim a maximum of 10 individual sessions and 10 group sessions per calendar year.

Rebates for mental health services are available to patients who have been referred by a medical practitioner managing the patient under a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan; a referred psychiatrist assessment and management plan; or on referral by a psychiatrist.  We do not accept Chronic Disease Management Plans.

Fax the signed referral to 3319 6618. 

We do not use Medical Objects.

Please note, we do not accept urgent referrals and there may be a wait to see someone. 

We will contact you if we are unable to offer appointments to your patient.

Did you know...

  • Referrals for psychology are valid for the number of services, not by time frame.

  • If your patient has unused services on referral at the end of the calendar year, they can continue to use them the next year.

  • After your patient has completed the first course of treatment (maximum 6 sessions), additional sessions can be referred for under the same Mental Health Care Plan, with a maximum of 10 sessions claimable per calendar year.

  • For ongoing management of a patient under a Mental Health Treatment Plan:

    • GP mental health treatment consultation item 2713 

    • this consultation can be carried out as often as necessary 


  • A review is not usually required unless there is a changed in the patient's presentation/diagnosis.

Medicare fact sheets

More information about the Australian Government Better Access Initiative can be found HERE

Click HERE to read the Better Access fact sheet

Communication and collaboration

This is how you can expect us to work with you:

  • Upon receipt of referral, our intake team will make contact with your patient to discuss booking a DBT assessment with us.

  • We will notify you once your patient has attended the DBT assessment, and advise the outcome of the assessment and the plan of DBT offered.

  • After 6 sessions, we will write to you to give a treatment update and recommend any additional course of treatment in order for you to consider preparing another referral.

  • After the next 4 sessions, we will again write to you with a treatment update.

  • If you have then recommended the client continue treatment, they can continue as a private patient. 

We always welcome calls from referring doctors, we are only too happy to chat with you about your patient's course of DBT treatment.  We are results driven and greatly appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with our client's treating team in order to ensure the best possible all round care is provided to our clients.

Communication and collaboratin
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