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About Us

The Glow DBT team is dedicated to excellence in delivering Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

The Glow Centre is a private psychology practice in Kenmore, in Brisbane’s western suburbs. The Glow Centre was originally established in 2013 as Melissa Kent Psychology, by clinical psychologist Melissa Kent in Melbourne, Victoria. The practice relocated to Brisbane in 2016 and has established a reputation for excellence in building relationships with clients and other services in the community, and achieving excellent outcomes for its clients.

Our commitment to excellence in outcomes

At Glow DBT, we’re committed to creating and maintaining the optimal conditions for our clients to get the best possible outcomes during their DBT journeys. We have a number of processes involved in striving for excellent DBT outcomes, including:​​

  • Individualised, DBT-informed assessments for every client referred to us

  • Individualised DBT treatment planning for every client

  • ​Providing pre-commitment prior to joining our DBT program, to give each client the best possible start

  • Assessing our clients’ progress regularly (at the end of each module or more frequently as required), and discussing this progress with them, and adapting their DBT treatment plan if indicated

  • ​Continually seeking feedback about our clinicians and our program

  • ​​Rating the adherence of every DBT skills group session we deliver, to Dr Marsha Linehan’s curriculum

  • ​​Regularly assessing the adherence of our program, to the DBT-LBC fidelity standards.

Meet the team

MELISSA KENT_edited.jpg
Clinical team

Melissa Kent


Principal Clinical Psychologist

DAN W FEB 2022.jpg
Clinical team

Dr Dan Wilson

Clinical Psychologist

Credientialed Eating Disorder Clinician

ROSIE W FEB 2022.jpg
Clinical team

Rosie Whitehead

Clinical Psychologist

~ on maternity leave ~

Client Relations Team



KATIE L FEB 2022.jpg
Clinical team

Katie Leavey

Senior Clinical Psychologist

Clinical team

Chloe Parton

Clinical Psychology Registrar

Kelly 2023.jpg
Client Relations Team


Practice Manager

Intakes Officer

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