Getting started

Reaching Out

Our team see clients for DBT from the age of 16 years old.

While DBT is effective for clients at risk of harm to themselves, GlowDBT is a private practice and clients must be low to moderate risk. If clients are at high risk, they must be engaged with or case managed by a psychiatrist or public mental health team, who can manage medications and arrange for crisis support/admissions when required.

Intake / Assessment

All prospective clients who wish to undertake any form of DBT at The Glow Centre are required to book in for an assessment (also known as an initial session).

Having a DBT assessment involves attending 1-2 sessions, during which one of our DBT therapists will obtain information about your presenting concerns, history, and goals for treatment; gets to know you and develops a treatment plan collaboratively with you.  

Undertaking an assessment does not guarantee entry into our program, as acceptance is based on a number of factors that will be discussed with you at an assessment, including the results of your assessment, your ability to commit to all parts of the program, and availability.

If DBT is considered suitable for you and you want to join our program, the process is as follows:

What happens after your assessment.png